What is the Problem? We all know there is a problem, but it’s not what you might think…

The problem is:

Not you
Not God
Not others
Not the world
Not your flesh
Not the devil
Not your sin
Not your past
Not your circumstances
Not your weaknesses
Not your ‘personality’
Not your addiction

Since we are being “saved by grace through faith” by the most outrageously grace-giving Being in the Universe, who has thoroughly covered our sins and utterly defeated the devil through the death and resurrection of His Son, there is only one thing that can possibly be “the problem.”

The problem is the “disconnect”! The problem is what you and I choose to believe in our heart of hearts about ourselves, our God and our world. Believing the truth will always work to set you free. Believing a lie, any lie, will always work to destroy you.

That’s the disconnect: believing some version of the enemy’s lies as if they were the truth. It will disconnect you from peace and joy and the power of the Holy Spirit as quickly as pulling the plug on an electric drill. Remember, we are saved through faith. Faith is always our free choice: will be believe God’s truth or the enemy’s lies?

What you choose to believe determines:

1) Your immediate and future emotional state (your inner world). Realize this truth: your present emotional state is built upon your past beliefs; your future emotional responses can be built upon your new beliefs.

2) Your level of contact with Reality (your outer life, touching all of creation, others and God).

3) Your consequences. You are not the only player: God, the devil and all of creation are responding to choices you make based upon what you deep down believe.

Live in the full Son-shine of your Father’s Heart of Love! Begin your day by awakening to the full glory of His love (see The Father’s Love). Your Father is always and in every moment:

Loving you with a full heart of affection
Forgiving you with an abundance of mercy
Eager and able to help and save you
Making great, good plans for you to enter into
Making everything in your past and present work for your good

Who is in the driver’s seat when it comes to your emotional state? You are! He has given us the power to choose life or death. What we choose to believe in our heart of hearts will either produce life or death in us. That is surely why He tells us in Proverbs 4:23:

Keep your heart with all diligence for out of it spring the issues of life.

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