Saving Faith

Stuck in Quicksand

Stuck in Quicksand!

I had a vision of a living prayer chain. First the background: dear friends were telling me about a situation very much like one going on in our own lives. Someone they love has a grown child who is entangled in a desperately painful situation that child shouldn’t be in in the first place. Perhaps you have close ties to someone who is “in a relationship with” an alcoholic, or a crack addict, or someone who is abusing them—the list is…

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What Is the Problem?

What is the Problem?

What is the Problem? We all know there is a problem, but it’s not what you might think… The problem is: Not you Not God Not others Not the world Not your flesh Not the devil Not your sin Not your past Not your circumstances Not your weaknesses Not your ‘personality’ Not your addiction Since we are being “saved by grace through faith” by the most outrageously grace-giving Being in the Universe, who has thoroughly covered our sins and utterly defeated the…

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Destined for Greatness!

You Are Destined for Greatness!

This divine purpose is absolute and unstoppable for it is His desire and purpose. It is yours if you want it. As long as you call on His Name, it will always be given to you. And that my friends is an offer you can’t afford to refuse. Indeed, it is the offer of an eternal lifetime of sharing in His greatness.

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