Emotional Freedom

Waiting in Line

Waiting for Someone to Get Tired

We hate waiting, especially waiting in lines, don’t we? I’m always looking ahead to see who might hold the line up and why. Yesterday, I read the signs right and escaped a dead-end line at the store just in time to get into one that whisked me through. It doesn’t go like that every time. Here’s a line I can’t avoid. The “prayer lines” we wait in, hoping for changes our loved ones need, can suffer long delays (somebody say amen). Today,…

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Letting Go vs Hanging On

The Secret of Letting Go (and the Power of Promises)

The secret of letting go dawned in me slowly. Do you, too, have a two-fisted approach to life? When stuff happens that makes you angry or anxious, do you grab it with your spiritual hands and hold in a death grip? Oh, I know it feels like anxiety and anger are the ones gripping us, but the reverse is the case. Emotionally and spiritually speaking, nothing can stick to us unless we are the ones doing the holding. I won’t blame…

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Confidence of a Mountain Climber

Confidence – Who Needs It?

Confidence – who needs it? We all do! And plenty of it. Like popcorn with salt, everything goes better with confidence. But where do we go to get it? In The Sound of Music, Julie Andrews as Maria is the spokesperson for popular culture when she sings: “I have confidence in confidence alone, and as you can see, I have confidence in me!” That’s what we want to be – optimistic people brimming with self-confidence. But before we all join in…

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Feelings and the Gong Show

Time to Ring the Gong on Feelings?

TIME TO RING THE GONG ON FEELINGS? Don’t you wish you could banish some of your feelings as easily as banging on the gong banished unwanted performers from the Gong Show stage? What good are the crummy ones anyway? Where do they come from? And why do the ones we hate stick to us like glue, while the ones we love drift so easily away? These were the mysteries of the interior life that totally perplexed me as a young…

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