How Our Worst Things Become the Best

How Our Worst Things Become the Best (Thanks to God’s Promise of Redemption)

Through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead our Father displayed a power which goes beyond forgiving our sins and getting us safely to heaven. I have no desire to diminish these well-known works of the cross—they are stupendous sources of joy impossible to reduce. I do, however, want to draw your attention to an all-too-often overlooked and unclaimed power always available, ever at work, which also flows from the cross: the power of God to bring good out…

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No Matter What Happens

No Matter What Happens

Stuff happens and there is nothing you can do about it, right? Actually there is. We can always turn things to our advantage by using them to work on our attitude. With the right attitude your spirit can take wings! This is something that I wrote to encourage myself a few years ago. Remember how King David encouraged himself in the Lord after the disaster at Ziklag? I figured that if it worked for him, it could work for me.…

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