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Substance Abuse Part 2

Is It the Chicken or the Egg? (Chemical Hooks and Substance Abuse Part II)

So, tell us, which is it? Having recently posted on addictions and read the ensuing comments, I am reminded that there is a great divide among good-hearted, well-intentioned people who work in this field. The role of chemical “hooks” with substance abuse is akin to the question: “Which came first the chicken or the egg?” That will stump you! In the case of the medical community the question can be phrased: Does biology control destiny or does the inner life of…

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Substance Abuse Part 1

Substance Abuse Isn’t Due to a Chemical Hook?

Substance abuse isn’t due to a chemical hook? That’s right, but the men in our yearlong recovery program come in thinking it is. Tragically, this gives the addiction even more power. Every lie believed adds to the inner bondage. In this case the lie is that the crack, alcohol or meth was all powerful; in comparison they had none. This reduced the struggle to a will power contest which they lost consistently. Every time the substance showed up, their body craved it with an overwhelming desire and they caved in…

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Stuffs Gonna Splode

Stuff’s Gonna ‘Splode

I love to praise the gallantry of “putting things in the pot” whenever we see some unChristlike thought or attitude try to spring into action through us (see previous post). Denying self means practicing “containment” of the flesh when it tries to rise up and take over. We have to stand guard to wrestle our wrong reactions into submission, usually at a moment’s notice. But you can’t leave it there! Think of your interior like a pressure cooker: Even with…

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Put It in the Pot

Put It in the Pot!

“Let’s put it in the pot!” is a very funny line in the movie Cold Mountain, referring to a rooster which was acting like a barnyard terror and that badly need to be captured and cooked. But it applies to us—that is, anything about us that doesn’t match up with Jesus. The first stage of crucifying the flesh is containment. Realize what shouldn’t be released into the world around you and put it in the pot instead. Are you getting angry…

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