Strongholds - Castle WallStrongholds to overcome are our primary personal “battlefields.” These are the major emotional strongholds that disconnect us from the peace of Christ and all too often hold us captive to stress (as anxiety) or distress (as depression). Jesus is our true stronghold—the Rock that we run to when threatened by sin or danger, our new shield of protection against the enemy’s encroachments. But if we don’t tag up with Him in time…

The enemy creates counterfeit strongholds in our flesh (with our co-operation). These are un-surrendered, un-healed or un-crucified areas of the old nature or self-life. They rise up and resist the Spirit-given life. Self-protectiveness built them and maintains them, aided by the lies and temptations of the enemy. We are to resist them by pulling them down. We don’t need self-protection any longer—we have the Lord to protect us! His grace is all-sufficient!

Dread of Impending Doom

The Dread of Impending Doom and How to Defeat It

Ever get the sense of dread that something bad is brewing? You can’t put your finger on it, but you just know it’s hanging over you, ready to drop. If you are engaged in known sin, then you have a right to feel this way—consequences are coming. But let’s hope that’s not it. More likely, you’re plugging away doing your best, and still you can’t shake the feeling. I love Mark Twain’s take on this. He said, “My life’s been…

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Invisible Kingdom and Spiritual Warfare

Invisible Kingdoms at War: How Spiritual Warfare Affects Us

Just suppose that there really is an invisible kingdom arrayed against you. What good does it do to know that? Is there anything that we can do about it? How does it impact daily life? According to no less an authority than Jesus Christ, we all have an invisible enemy—the “thief”—who comes to “steal, kill and destroy” (John 10:10). Why tell us that if it isn’t true? Why burden us with knowing it, unless knowing it would help us? In fact, Jesus spoke of…

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Waiting in Line

Waiting for Someone to Get Tired

We hate waiting, especially waiting in lines, don’t we? I’m always looking ahead to see who might hold the line up and why. Yesterday, I read the signs right and escaped a dead-end line at the store just in time to get into one that whisked me through. It doesn’t go like that every time. Here’s a line I can’t avoid. The “prayer lines” we wait in, hoping for changes our loved ones need, can suffer long delays (somebody say amen). Today,…

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Happy Boy with Bible - God's Delight

Why It’s Hard to Feel God’s Delight

Ever wonder why it’s so hard to feel God’s delight in you? How can God possibly delight in any of us? Some days it takes a lot of faith just to believe that He can love and forgive us. But that He actually delights in us, rejoices over us, has passionate affections for us, and is constantly devoted to us—this really seems too much to ask! First, let us identity the enemy’s strategy: he and his kingdom have been continuously at…

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