Transformed LivesKnowing God is endlessly fascinating. Assuming that you have “met” Our God through faith in Jesus, now you know that to know Him is to love Him. Knowing by faith that you have a Savior in Jesus has brought you peace, confidence in God and an effortless joy in loving Him. Feelings come and go, but a true knowing of God will always restore you to peace, confidence and joy no matter what your circumstances. If ever your love for God wanes, or you yearn for it to wax brighter, seek to know Him better…

Sovereignty And Free Will

Sovereignty and Free Will: How to Live with the Mystery

Just thinking about God’s sovereignty and our free will can make your head spin. There is a deep, unsolvable mystery here, the kind that split Christians right down the middle throughout church history. Happily, it is a far easier riddle to live with than to resolve. Basically, sovereignty and free will has two sides, or perspectives: the view from earth and the view of heaven. 1) The earthly view. When it comes to assigning blame you have to acknowledge free will. You have it. Others have it. So do the demons and Satan.God is NEVER…

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Confidence – Who Needs It?

Confidence – who needs it? We all do! And plenty of it. Like popcorn with salt, everything goes better with confidence. But where do we go to get it? In The Sound of Music, Julie Andrews as Maria is the spokesperson for popular culture when she sings: “I have confidence in confidence alone, and as you can see, I have confidence in me!” That’s what we want to be – optimistic people brimming with self-confidence. But before we all join in and sing a chorus or two, let’s stop to consider…

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The Problem of Suffering

The Problem of Suffering (Mysteries Revealed)

The Problem of Suffering: God, Free Will and Consequences Everyone encounters suffering in life. For some—the happy few—pain and problems roll through their days like small waves in the surf. A sunny optimism keeps them bouncing above the water at least for a season. For others, suffering invades their life like an armed man, holding them captive not only to troubles, but also to negative attitudes every bit as troublesome. Suffering comes in all sizes…

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How Our Worst Things Become the Best

How Our Worst Things Become the Best (Thanks to God’s Promise of Redemption)

Through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead our Father displayed a power which goes beyond forgiving our sins and getting us safely to heaven. I have no desire to diminish these well-known works of the cross—they are stupendous sources of joy impossible to reduce. I do, however, want to draw your attention to an all-too-often overlooked and unclaimed power always available, ever at work…

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