Physical and Emotional HealingHealing (Physical-Emotional):  When the body breaks down, it rightly cries out for our attention. Displaying a tremendous heart of compassion, Jesus healed everyone brought before Him. He didn’t just do it once. He did it on every recorded occasion. This shows us our Father’s heart as well: No matter how or why we get sick, God wants us healed! Because Jesus is the same today as He was yesterday, you can count on it that He is just as ready and willing to heal us now as He was then.

The Lord also wants to heal us from the inside out. Both Solomon and Jesus declare that the important issues of life flow out from the depths of our hearts. Practically all of us carry stuff from our past which can spill over and influence, even control, the new life that Jesus wants to give us. Emotions that overwhelm us in the present (like fear, anxiety, hurt feelings, anger, depression, etc.) are things God wants to free us from. Go for this glorious liberty!

Catch the Little Foxes

Catching “Little Foxes”

“Catch the little foxes!” the shepherd tells his beloved maiden. Why? They’re so cute! Oh, but her lover wants to share the joy of new wine with her, and that will never happen if little foxes get to the grapevine first. Little foxes aren’t obvious dangers like wolves and lions. All they do is nibble on tender young plants, seeking the budding fruit. However, if that’s allowed to go on, the grapevine won’t have a chance to mature. Its grapes will be lost before…

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What Is the Problem?

What is the Problem?

What is the Problem? We all know there is a problem, but it’s not what you might think… The problem is: Not you Not God Not others Not the world Not your flesh Not the devil Not your sin Not your past Not your circumstances Not your weaknesses Not your ‘personality’ Not your addiction Since we are being “saved by grace through faith” by the most outrageously grace-giving Being in the Universe, who has thoroughly covered our sins and utterly defeated the…

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The Scarlett OHara Syndrome

The Scarlett O’Hara Syndrome

Have you ever fallen into the trap of the Scarlett O’Hara syndrome? I have observed many people adopting it as a coping strategy. It seems highly favored by us. It certainly feels evident and right at the moment of pain or pressure. For me it was a pattern that began early in childhood. Here is an excerpt that describes it from the book I wrote a few years back. See if you can relate: There were  shadowy sides to me that I preferred…

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The Daily Report Card

The Daily “Report Card”

Suppose the Lord were giving you a report card each day. Suppose you don’t have to wait until the Final Day to read the report… Consider life from a teacher’s perspective: 1) Why do teachers give tests? So they can see how well the students are doing. The student’s grade gives them a “grade” on how well they are doing as teachers and where they need to focus more effort. 2) Why do teachers grade those same tests and return…

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