The Mind-Body ConnectionThe mind-body connection provides an avenue to health or disease. Our modern medical science has brought forth a landslide of evidence that emotional stress (dis-ease) is the culprit causing most, if not all, of our diseases. We don’t like either one, but we invest more energy and money in trying to drive out disease than in seeking to live free from stress. Jesus has the answer to both.

The mind-body connection means that for any physical illness there are three paths to healing that we can pursue: 1) We can go directly to God through prayer—bypassing both our mind and our body; 2) We can go after the root of the problem which often is embedded in the heart; 3) We can relieve the symptoms and sometimes produce a cure by dealing directly with the body itself.

What Causes Disease?

What Causes Disease? Dig down to the Spiritual Roots!

What Causes Disease? One of the most unsettling things about disease—apart from the thing itself—is the lack of any clear answer about where it came from and why we got it. We want to know what causes disease, especially the one that just jumped on us! Of course with infectious diseases we know that it’s germs, even if we can’t identify the moment of contact. But it would help to know wouldn’t it? Because then we would have a fighting…

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Three Paths To Healing

Three Paths to Healing (One Is Bound to Work!)

Amazingly, there are three genuine paths to the healing of our bodies and these exactly correspond to the three parts of our nature: body, soul and spirit. The world around us focuses upon one area, that of physical healing, and one means for healing, that of doctors and medicine. Before I go any further, let me hasten to say that I love doctors and medicine! I’ve got no beef with them at all, nor am I advocating for any of the “alternative…

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Three Paths to Healing

Three Paths to Healing

Are you aware that there are three paths to healing? Although they are quite different, they share at least one very interesting characteristic—I will get to that in a moment. First, let’s list the three pathways. For years we have believed that if we pray to God and go to the doctors, then we are doing all we can. Modern medical science, however, has conclusively shown us that as many as 80% of our diseases are coming from emotional stress (see The Emotional…

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