Inner peace and freedom - ChildInner peace and freedom are intended to flow like “rivers of living water” within us. Spiritual healing, therefore, goes deepest of all. Even though the reality of our spirit lies beyond the ability of our five senses to experience, it nevertheless holds the answer to all that affects our lives. Every breakdown in heart, mind or body traces back to this deepest of all roots.Spiritual Health - Surrender

God begins our spiritual healing through the gift of faith in Christ. However, there is one thing that necessarily depends upon us, before God can bring our spiritual life into genuine health: our full surrender to Him. To be restored to childlike simplicity of heart and genuine emotional freedom we will need to learn how to trust ourselves and all we love entirely to the One who loves us best, and be willing to follow Him in anything He requires or desires.

You Want Answers?

“You Want Answers?”

Has the quest for closure snared you? You want to know the truth! Why are things happening the way they are? Why are people being so stubborn and obstinate? I call this the “quest for closure” and if you don’t watch out you just might get caught in suspended animation—waiting anxiously for some kind of answer when none is coming.Consider women who are married to verbally abusive or addicted husbands. They often have such love…

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Dig Your Own Wells

Dig Your Own Wells!

Isaac had to have his men dig a lot of wells. The Philistine neighbors became threatened by his prosperity so they kept tying to sabotage his operation by filling in his wells, the life-giving sources of water so vitally needed for the thirst of his household and the thirst of his herds. What does this tell us? We (and our household) have a built-in thirst for God, but we also have an enemy who is nefariously at work to fill in our wells!…

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The Daily Report Card

The Daily “Report Card”

Suppose the Lord were giving you a report card each day. Suppose you don’t have to wait until the Final Day to read the report… Consider life from a teacher’s perspective: 1) Why do teachers give tests? So they can see how well the students are doing. The student’s grade gives them a “grade” on how well they are doing as teachers and where they need to focus more effort. 2) Why do teachers grade those same tests and return…

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