Inner peace and freedom - ChildInner peace and freedom are intended to flow like “rivers of living water” within us. Spiritual healing, therefore, goes deepest of all. Even though the reality of our spirit lies beyond the ability of our five senses to experience, it nevertheless holds the answer to all that affects our lives. Every breakdown in heart, mind or body traces back to this deepest of all roots.Spiritual Health - Surrender

God begins our spiritual healing through the gift of faith in Christ. However, there is one thing that necessarily depends upon us, before God can bring our spiritual life into genuine health: our full surrender to Him. To be restored to childlike simplicity of heart and genuine emotional freedom we will need to learn how to trust ourselves and all we love entirely to the One who loves us best, and be willing to follow Him in anything He requires or desires.

Great Grief

Great Grief and How to Heal It

As the drifter was taking his seat, I told him, “My own dear wife of 33 years died suddenly in 2007. It was the worst pain I’ve ever known. It absolutely crushed me.” He said, “Then you know that you never get over it.” “On the contrary,” I said, “I know that you can! The Lord really can fully mend us even of a great grief. I am totally and completely free.” That got his attention. He Had Only Been…

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Success in Prayer - Glorious Liberty

Success in Prayer: Gaining the “Glorious Liberty”

Success in prayer comes two ways: changing the situation, or effectively changing yourself. I’ll gladly take either result! But why not go for both? This is about praying first for the Lord to effectively change you. Then, watching and waiting as He (inevitably) changes the situation. Most failed prayer concentrates on getting the Lord to change the situation first, as in “Lord, You’ve got to change this person or this situation RIGHT NOW.” Let’s turn that around and get more…

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Doing Nothing Can Be the Hardest Thing of All

Sometimes, doing nothing is the hardest thing of all. Derek Prince once said, “Ask a man to climb a mountain and he’s off before you finish talking. Ask him to wait at the foot of it and he can’t be found.” We hate to wait. We “die” if the line next to us moves faster. Let’s get on with it! Have you noticed, though, that waiting is not a small theme in scripture? Maybe we need to slow down and let the Lord catch up with us.Sometimes the thing we absolutely have to do in order to see God move..

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Depression? Emotional Pain Isn’t the Problem!

Pain is not depression. This is not widely understood, but should be shouted from the housetops. Emotional pain is not the same thing as depression! It will liberate you to understand this one truth. I am well aware that this needs careful explaining. Depression in general is murky and the “pit of depression” is a very dark place indeed. Little light penetrates. One’s whole perspective gets captured by the pain and controlled by hopelessness. I know, because I tumbled down into…

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