Eagle in Flight - Believing the truthBelieving the truth, God’s truth, is the active power of our new life. It is the Lord’s grace-based way of giving wings to our new life of faith. All Christians will tell you that they believe in Jesus. But have we been “blinded” by the light? The all-important issue of believing doesn’t end there. The demons also believe that the Father and Jesus exist, but they take no joy or peace in believing it, nor do they live yielded to Him in trust and obedience.

Since we are saved by grace through faith, it is entirely by means of faith that we are meant to access all that grace so freely supplies.  For instance, God’s Word says that we who believe can be filled with all joy and peace “in believing.”  If this is not what you are experiencing all day long, then perhaps there are a few things you still need to learn about recognizing and overcoming the stronghold of unbelief which may be quenching your faith.

Great Grief

Great Grief and How to Heal It

As the drifter was taking his seat, I told him, “My own dear wife of 33 years died suddenly in 2007. It was the worst pain I’ve ever known. It absolutely crushed me.” He said, “Then you know that you never get over it.” “On the contrary,” I said, “I know that you can! The Lord really can fully mend us even of a great grief. I am totally and completely free.” That got his attention. He Had Only Been…

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The New Creation You (And How to Believe in It)

The “New Creation” you is the real you. You must believe in the new you. How will you ever become the person you know you are deep down, if you don’t become a believer in the new you? It is not as easy as you might think, because the first step is to STOP believing in the old you! We literally have to clear the way for the Lord. Otherwise we are liable to sabotage all of His efforts to bring…

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Success in Prayer - Glorious Liberty

Success in Prayer: Gaining the “Glorious Liberty”

Success in prayer comes two ways: changing the situation, or effectively changing yourself. I’ll gladly take either result! But why not go for both? This is about praying first for the Lord to effectively change you. Then, watching and waiting as He (inevitably) changes the situation. Most failed prayer concentrates on getting the Lord to change the situation first, as in “Lord, You’ve got to change this person or this situation RIGHT NOW.” Let’s turn that around and get more…

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How Does God See Us?

How Does God See Us? Separate from Sin!

How does God see us? This one question will either torment or delight us, depending upon the answer we can give to it. Any Christian can put the right answer to it on a test in school. What we need is for the right answer to spring up from the hidden depths of our heart when the pressures and pains of life pile upon us. And when we see ourselves struggling under them. For the person who believes in God…

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