Healing Heart, Mind and Body

Healing Heart, Mind and Body

      An Emotionally Transformed Life Is the Key!


Did you know that there is a third pathway to healing? For years we have believed that if we pray to God and go to the doctors then we are doing all we can. But modern medical science has conclusively been demonstrating that most of our diseases are coming from emotional stress (see The Spiritual Roots of Disease). Our deepest need is for emotional healing. This means that if we could deal effectively with the root issues of our emotional life, we would recover from our emotional damage and our bodies would recover health. This is exactly what happens!

This “third path” to healing is the focal point for our whole life’s transformation, because in dealing successfully with our emotional issues, we are set free to truly live as new creations, enjoying the “glorious liberty” of the children of God. Isn’t this what we have been promised by the gospel and what we have been trying to find all along?

You don’t even have to be sick to “get well!” Many people don’t have illnesses that they need to be healed of—it’s the dis-ease in their soul. Practically everyone needs recovery of their heart from some painful issues of the past or could readily benefit from gaining mastery over their emotional turbulence in the present. The peace of Christ is meant to be a river of life that we experience all day long—no matter what our circumstances may be. Let these lessons on emotional healing take your heart on pilgrimage to a place called the Kingdom of God that is already right inside you!

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